Think about what you’re saying…again

Maybe it’s just my area, but I do get tired of the people who essentially tell me that I need to abandon myself to be worthy of anything.  Most of it boils down to finances, too; even though I’m currently making as much as I was able to support a family of three on, it’s not enough for “real Mormon” standards.  Though the proclamation states a man should provide “the necessities of life and protection,” some people’s definition of “necessities” is downright ridiculous; there are families living far more happily in rented singlewides than many of these “good Mormon” families in their houses that cost more than I make in 10 years, because those happy families don’t compromise their values for money and material goods.

Thus, according to these people, (who, BTW, include my previous bishop, EQP, and Sunday School President) I should move away to find a better job (meaning I’d see my kids maybe one day a month at most) and/or bend the truth about my qualifications to improve my income.  Apparently, being “poor” (by their standards) is a bigger sin than lying or neglecting family.

Really, the takeaway for me, is that I can’t be worthy, but I could pretend to be someone who is by compromising my morals.


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